Albuquerque NM is consistently rated among the top destinations for the arts n the United States. The city offers a variety of options that are sure to please any visitor. From contemporary to traditional, the city’s thriving arts community offers a rich menu of diversity, including the National Institue of Flamenco, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and the New Mexico Philharmonic. Other offerings include the Keshet Dance Company and the Tricklock Theatre Company.

In addition to the professional arts, the University of New Mexico holds regular performances at Popejoy Hall, KiMo Theatre, and the Little Theatre. These are all more intimate spaces where attendees can enjoy a close, more personal experience.

The city is also within driving distance of two major arts and cultural centers, Taos and Santa Fe NM. These are both renowned craft and arts areas. While there are many wonderful museums where visitors can see the works of New Mexico’s artists, the arts are truly alive in this beautiful city. Works of art may be found all over the city. Visitors can enjoy them both on the exterior and interior of the many buildings throughout the city.

The city is home to one of the oldest Public Art Programs in the country. This is very apparent to visitors as they walk through the city. There are paintings, murals, statues, and even bus stops all decorated with beautiful works of art.

Crafts are another important part of the city’s heritage and visitors can spend days browsing through the numerous offerings throughout the city. Traditional turquoise and silver jewelry, Spanish colonial embroidery, traditional pottery, and tinwork are just a few of the wonderful crafts available for purchase.

The city is recognized as a culturally diverse city. The city’s ethnic background is evident in its artwork, architecture, cuisine and cultural activities. Daily life is vibrant with traditions passed down generation to generation, each adding to the tapestry that is the city’s unique heritage. The city is home to many different cultures including Latino, Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo, along with Asian, African American, and Middle Eastern. The city is a perfect blend of the best of each of these cultures.

Visitors can learn more about the diversity of Albuquerque by visiting the many cultural centers and museums. Each brings alive their heritage and traditions. There are many local events where visitors can experience the best that each of these cultures has to offer.