When you think about food and the best restaurants in a city, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The very first thing that comes to my mind is either Mexican food or barbecue restaurants, both of which I know can be found in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There’s much more than that, with names like Vinaigrette, The Grove Cafe & Market and Artichoke Cafe. Vinaigrette serves up great salads and much more as you would expect. What about the other two?

The Grove Cafe & Market serves up the breakfast you crave, and Artichoke Cafe serves up beef tenderloin, crab cakes and of course steamed artichokes, among other things. It’s fine dining ambiance, and you’re invited to a delicious and mouth-watering dinner. If it’s food New Mexico style you’re looking for, according to the reviewers, one of the places you can get it is Monroe’s Restaurant.

Do you want to visit an old-style diner where you can get an old-fashioned milkshake? That’s why you would want to stop in at 66 Diner. Then there is Frontier Restaurant and Owl Cafe, both of which look unique and inviting. This next place if you think about it would be what you would expect the most when you’re looking up Albuquerque restaurants. It’s called High Noon Restaurant & Saloon, and reviewers talk about it being a spot for the locals. It looks nice according to the picture.

There is another diner, and it doesn’t seem like it wants to give much away in its name. Standard Diner sounds rather cool though. Then you have Cocina Azul, which evidently rivals against Old Town Albuquerque restaurants when it comes to sopapillas. Backstreet Grill is another top rated restaurant in the city, but it’s funny because one reviewer mentions it has great food but bad beer.

Pueblo Harvest Cafe is known for variety on its menu, and Nexus Brewery is supposed to have great food and huge chicken tenders. Two Fools Tavern looks different from the outside so that you can imagine that and its name signifies a different type of experience. This city is host to some of the greatest restaurants in the state of New Mexico. Garduno’s Restaurant & Cantina is another top choice, and then I’ll leave you with this pick, The Range Cafe, which is another locals hangout according to the reviews, which means you can’t go wrong there.